Easy to be green

In his New York Times column of today, Professor Krugman debates the polarization of the climate change debate, in which many participants in the debate still argue that the problem does not exist.


He poses the rhetorical question: “Have you been impressed by the civility of the discussion and the intellectual honesty of reform opponents?”

Professor Krugman outlines the idea that the transformation to sustainability represents a cost to society, that many people still think is not worth paying. He does not mention at all the similar debate about Peak Oil, or the risk that an impending shortfall of oil will result in tremendous economic loss to society. According to Peak Oil experts, the cost of starting mitigation activities to reduce our dependence on oil now, is much lower than the future cost of not having enough oil to saturate demand. Is Professor Krugman unaware of the Peak Oil issue or its implications?

If so, it may be a good idea to visit some of the excellent peak oil documentaries on YouTube, that lay down a few essential facts about our economy’s dependence on oil. One of the best is a series by Chris Martenson:


To paraphrase Krugman: Have you been impressed by the intellectual honesty of sustainability experts and economists in the debate about energy transformation?

None of the videos on YouTube discuss the methods for large scale transformation of global energy systems. Here is the book for people who are interested in this issue:


Friday, September 25, 2009 by Mats Larsson