Investment Wave

The large scale transformation of energy systems that will become necessary in the near future will cause a number of large investment waves in energy efficient, sustainable, technology.

It is at present not clear which technologies, raw materials or system solutions that will become favored and it is highly probable that not all possible bio-fuels will be used on a large scale. A few will be selected over others for a number of different reasons. Political decisions and projects will become necessary, in combination with market based activities.

At present companies that want to benefit from the upcoming investment waves need to position themselves and advocate and “market” their preferred technology solutions to decision makers at different levels. In addition to this, companies need to, in different ways, position themselves and their technologies as the most promising alternatives towards future customers and start to form coalitions of development partners that possess different competencies that will become necessary in the development processes.

This will require well devised strategies on the part of technology and systems suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, fuel and raw materials companies, etc.

My book “Global Energy Transformation” provides a background for the development of strategies in different energy related sectors:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 by Mats Larsson