Learning from best practices

The debate about energy efficiency and sustainability is full of technical issues and high flown ideas. Many of these will be important, but they need to become included in a plan for how we approach change in practice.

Large companies often have decades of experience from change management in their own organizations and from change together with suppliers and other partners. We need to apply the lessons from these companies in the change management of the energy transformation.

We also need to apply the competence of the most advanced companies and industries in areas such as technology and product development, systems integration and production organization. Many industries are not as advanced as the automotive industry and its suppliers in these fields. Now, as companies with first rate experience from these areas turn their eyes towards energy related issues, competition is likely to increase in many industries. This, however, will become necessary in order to develop technologies, products and systems that are competitive and cost effective.

The book Global Energy Transformation outlines many important change management aspects, and provides tools based on experiences from leading companies and industries in all the above fields:


Friday, September 18, 2009 by Mats Larsson