Lomborg in the Washington Post

The Danish statistician Björn Lomborg has an op-ed in today’s issue of The Washington Post. Lomborg’s best-selling book of 2001, “The Skeptical Environmentalist” has many things in common with “Global Energy Transformation”. When it was published, Lomborg had the advantage, of arguing against the very powerful environmental lobby, which he does in the article as well. This head-on attack on the environmentalists created an instant interest in the book.


He has now become a household name in the environmental debate. His argument is exclusively about global warming and he doesn’t take Peak Oil into consideration, which would not be expected either. He expresses his strong skepticism to the gravity of the global warming, argues that this has been exaggerated by environmentalists.

While this may be true, we need not only to form a realistic opinion about global warming, we need also to take Peak Oil into serious consideration. Peak Oil adds a strong cost element to doing nothing, or too little, since a future shortfall of oil will cause tremendous cost, especially for the groups that Lomborg argues will be badly hit by the investments in energy systems transformation.

Monday, September 28, 2009 by Mats Larsson