Venture Capitalists and Business Managers Unite!

I have spotted a trend among venture capitalists and business managers. During the course of a few weeks several seem to have adopted the idea that nations need to develop strategies for innovation and technology development. I have previously mentioned the article by CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, and venture capitalist John Doerr in The Washington Post:

Last week the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri (DI) held an article in a similar vein by the head of the Wallenberg finance family, the largest owner of the investment company Investor, which holds controlling positions in several large groups and companies, such as SEB (a major Swedish based bank), Ericsson, ABB, Scania, Atlas Copco and Electrolux. Mr. Wallenberg writes his article as the chairman of a development group, lead by the Swedish Royal Institute for Engineering Sciences (IVA), which has started to analyze the need of a Swedish strategy for technology development.

Incidentally, this is what my book Global Energy Transformation is all about. I discuss the need of national strategies for the development of new technology that will reduce the dependence on energy, and particularly fossil fuels. There now seems to be a trend among high level business people to support the general idea that nations need strategies for innovation. How interesting!!!

The book:

Sunday, September 13, 2009 by Mats Larsson