Why you should read Global Energy Transformation

In Global Energy Transformation I take a look at energy issues from a management and business perspective. This hasn’t, to my knowledge, been done before, and I was surprised by how many novel ideas I could craft, only by changing the perspective.

Energy systems transformation is a major challenge for all of us. No previous work seems to have been done in this area. Instead, most projects focus on the development of renewable energy technologies, most of them in their early stages, and small scale experiments to save energy. We urgently need large scale change. Also, the present focuses of the debate, climate change and related themes, rapidly need to change, almost to its opposite. The biggest problem we are facing, is the issue of Peak Oil, the global peak in oil production. With less energy, already in the near future, the prospects for economic growth are getting bleaker. Economic growth is tied to an increasing supply of cheap energy. It will take a large scale program, similar to the Apollo Program, or the transformation of US industry during the Second World War, to change this.

All of these insights, and many more, occurred to me as I wrote Global Energy Transformation. I tried to make it into both a revealing book about our dependence on fossil fuels, the need for market driven change to be complemented by a large scale planned transformation program, and a handbook for all the managers and participants from business, government, academia, and the general public, who need to participate to make Global Energy Transformation the next global success story!