Large scale projects?

The Global Energy Transformation Institute is going to launch a service tracking large scale projects on a global basis on the web site. We need help to identify large scale projects. By large scale projects we mean projects with the potential to significantly contribute to the energy systems transformation of a US state, region or a country.

Please, contact us with tips of projects that you know of that qualify against the criteria below. Please note that the criteria are demanding, and that there are yet few projects on a global basis that are likely to meet these criteria.

In order to become designated as large scale projects one of the following criteria need to be met:

– …the construction of renewable energy production capacity amounting to 2000 MW.
– …intelligent grids or similar that, at completion, offer the annual saving of 15TWh, the amount of electricity that is produced in a year by a 2000 MW nuclear reactor.
– Develop new production and distribution facilities for renewable fuels that amount to a production capacity of the equivalent of 2500 barrels of oil per day.
– Develop new car, truck, boat, or plane, engines, fuels, or transportation systems that save 2500 barrels of oil equivalent fuels every day.
– Projects must provide energy efficient housing for at least 100,000 people and reduce the energy need for heating, transportation, and production of electricity within the community by 50% compared to traditional communities in the area.
– Projects must aim at significant changes in the energy consumption of 100,000 people, reducing electricity consumption by 15 TWh per year, or reducing fuel consumption by 2500 barrels of oil equivalent fuels per day.
– Projects need to involve investments of 50 MUSD per year, over at least four years. A project of this size has the potential to create 10,000 new green collar jobs.

In order to be considered as projects, efforts need to meet all of the following criteria…
1. …have a clear goal in terms of technology or product sales, or transformation result.
2. …focus on one or a small number of promising technologies or transformation principles that are systematically selected at an early stage in the project.
3. …have a unified project management structure that manages the project towards its goal.

This means, for instance, that the large scale EU programs Intelligent Energy Europe II and Frame Program 7 don’t qualify as large scale projects based on our criteria, because these programs do not work towards a clear goals in terms of savings, or a strategy for the selection of technologies to invest in.

Large scale projects may be run by companies, states or NGOs. They may be run by a large number of organizations that cooperate, with a unified project management and a unified set of objectives. Large scale projects may be found all over the world.