Big ideas, big “projects”, big men and women

At a recent visit to London I took the opportunity to walk among the imposing buildings and monuments of the government’s quarters in Westminster. I was impressed by the number of statues of important men and women, who have been involved in building the United Kingdom, and realized that the effort of Global Energy Transformation is an endeavour comparable to many of the great achievements in human history.

This effort will require the efforts of great political leaders like Churchill, Disraeli and Lincoln (Lincoln’s statue is located near Westminster Abbey). The efforts will require scientific geniuses like Newton, great thinkers like Hume and Mill, and reformers like Gladstone.

First and foremost, the effort to transform global energy systems will need to be driven by determined individuals, who are able to see further than the short term profitability of individual technology development projects and new products.

It is time now for the individuals with the ambition to lead the world through this challenge to step forward and show that they are in command of the situation and convince us that they will be able to find a way forward.