The Pickens Plan – a Plan for Large Scale Energy Transformation

In the United States oil billionaire and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens is lobbying the “Pickens Plan”. This is a bold plan to reduce the dependence of the US on imported oil, and to increase once more the use of indigenous energy sources. Mr. Pickens argues in favour of a large-scale implementation of wind energy for electricity production.

The communications material that is made available on the Pickens Plan web site states: “The Great Plains States are home to the greatest wind energy potential in the world.” At a cost of as little as 1 trillion dollars, the states ranging from the Texas panhandle to North Dakota could produce 20 per cent of the electricity used by the US. The annual cost of imported oil is between 500 and 700 billion dollars.

According to the Pickens Plan, wind energy could replace US natural gas for electricity production. In order to show his belief in the plan, T. Boone Pickens himself makes large investments in the expansion of wind energy production in the Texas panhandle. The natural gas that is saved could then be used as a fuel for vehicles, which would gradually, as the production of wind electricity expands, replace imported oil in this area.

The Pickens Plan is an example of the bold thinking that Global Energy Transformation is all about. We need leadership in energy transformation, and the combination of bold ideas and substantial financial resources in one resourceful person is clearly a winning match. Let’s only hope that Mr. Pickens receives all the support that he needs for his scheme, and that people in similar positions in other countries follow his lead. The Pickens Plan is one of the first bold steps towards large scale energy transformation. Let’s celebrate and support it! Here’s how you can help: