Is there not enough competence already?

In recent conversations with energy experts and business leaders I have been asked the question of whether there is not already enough people and competence involved in the development of new energy technology and in efforts to change energy systems.

My response to this is that there is not, and that the available competencies are not yet appropriately organized and managed.

In order for large scale energy systems transformation to take place, a very large share of the population, and a large share of all businesses, need to become involved in these efforts. At present mainly experts in various areas are involved, and there are few large scale programs and projects in progress.

Also, the experts that are involved are not organized and managed in such a way so that the different competencies can contribute to the overall result. In order for this to happen we need very specific goals for technology development and for the production of renewable energy from various sources at different points in the future.

Different competencies need to become organized in projects that aim at achieving the goals that are to be set. In the present situation, people with different competencies have very different views of the need and the opportunities to transform energy systems, and economists, sustainability experts, engineers in various technology areas, and peak oil experts approach the issues related to energy transformation in very different ways. They need to start to communicate with each other within specific projects with particular goals.

In addition to this, a new category of experts need to become involved. Those are the “change management” experts, who possess the tools that are necessary to drive large scale energy transformation toward Global Energy Transformation. There are at present very few people in the energy debate and in actual energy projects that approach the energy transformation from a change management perspective.

This all needs to change, and people need to develop who understand the different issues related to sustainability, economics, technology, Peak Oil, and change management. In the recent book “Overcoming Overuse: Energy Transformation for a World Gone Fad” we outline this challenge and call for a new category of experts to emergy, which we call “Homo Transformabilis”.