Society is a learning organization

Organizations develop through learning. Individuals on different levels learn and they develop and refine society’s structural capital. Society’s learning is directed in the directions that individuals, companies and organizations lead it. Historically, it has been directed in the direction of reduced cost and time, which has been the main factors to impact increasing revenues and economic growth.

In the future we are facing a situation with a reduced supply of oil. Energy and the amount of oil available for transportation have closely correlated with economic growth. In the future we need to break this relationship. This has to be done through learning, which needs large scale coordinated projects for sectors, in companies and organizations and in society as a whole.

As well as learning new things, learning means un-learn old habits and routines. In combination with investments in new and energy efficient transportation and production structures, we need to get rid of old systems that are heavily reliant on large volumes of energy.

The book “Global Energy Transformation” describes in detail how this process of learning needs to be organized.