The stories we need to tell

In order to develop images and visions of the direction and methods for change, we do not only need analysis and dry conclusions. We need vivid accounts of the transformation process and methods.

In the same way that novels and stories of earlier generations have ushered in new ideas and helped us give up out-dated ones, we need stories that tell us how to build the society of the future. If we look at current movies and literature it seems as if we are not approaching a dramatic challenge. It seems as if film makers and authors are entirely unaware of the impending change, or it may be that they refuse to help in the transformation process.

We need stories that provide seemingly realistic accounts of the transformation process. These could be:

–          Thrillers that present different aspects of the transformation process as a struggle between ideals, systems, nations, companies or individuals.

–          Epic stories that tell of the difficulties of changing society and building communities and the struggles that people will encounter on the way to a new future.

–          Artistic and creative attempts to present ideas through metaphors or that create multi-faceted stories that challenge us to interpret them in different ways.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, provided images of “The American Dream” through images of upper middle class life styles of the “Jazz age”. We need similar images of the future that may complement attempts, such as Global Energy Transformation, to analyze the transformation challenges.