Prince Charles on Sustainability


Prince Charles gave a speech at the present COP-meeting in which he addresses the large-scale aspects of the sustainability challenge. Countries should see the pandemic as a wake-up call and start large-scale change measures and he also argues that countries need to go on a war-like footing and start military-style campaigns to rebuild systems and reduce emissions.

Coherent strategies for each sector of the economy will be needed with publicly available transformation roadmaps. Countries need to accelerate the transition and design new sectors  that can thrive on sustainable business models and unlock huge flows of investment. Global mega-projects need to be started and the window for action is rapidly closing.

Prince Charles also declares that he is prepared to work with “coalitions of the willing” to drive large-scale activities forward.

I have since 2004 argued that the transformation is a large-scale challenge that needs international cooperation and large-scale strategies. I see the biggest challenge in the decline in oil production which is likely to start in the next few years. My upcoming book “The Blind Guardians of Ignorance – Covid 19, Sustainability, and Our Vulnerable Future” will be published on 8 December.