Q: Are you an environmentalist? What is you motivation for promoting Global Energy Transformation?
A: No, I am not really an environmentalist, even though I think that global warming is an important problem. The problem of the global peak in oil production, Peak Oil, will become the main driver of Global Energy Transformation, because the effects of an oil shortfall and increasing energy prices are easier for companies to calculate and use as their bases for investment decisions.


My motivation for promoting Global Energy Transformation is that I have analyzed the economic consequences of a reduced supply of energy, and of oil in particular, and come to the conclusion that we need the current amount of energy to keep the global economy running and growing. We need energy to keep people at work and to produce and distribute food, clothes and other necessities. We cannot simply reduce economic activity without tremendous negative consequences short term. If we manage to reduce our dependence on oil, because of Peak Oil, we will solve global warming as well.

Q: What qualifies you to discuss and spearhead this endeavor?
A: I have been working for twenty years as a consultant, analyzing economic growth, business strategy and technology development issues. I have worked in more varying fields and issues than most consultants, business managers, politicians or economists and I can understand the interrelationships between areas like energy consumption, economic growth and job creation in a way that few other experts are able to. 
Q: Are you available for public speaking engagements?
A: Yes, I can take on speaking engagements all over the world or participate via video, telephone or other remote means of communication. 
Q: If you could have three people in a room to address this, who would they be and why?
A: We need leaders, with influence over resources, and political and business systems. Leadership, business and technology knowledge are all necessary.


President Barack Obama, because he is in charge of the most resourceful and energy consuming nation on earth. The United States also possesses the strongest experience from large scale programs of all countries in the world. The world needs the leadership of the United States in this endeavor.


Leif Johansson, CEO of Volvo, because Volvo is the global market leader in the truck industry. This products from this industry, together with those of the car industry are the largest users of oil globally. Leif Johansson is also very much aware of the need to introduce renewable fuels on a large scale.


Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, because GE is a really innovative company in several energy related industries. Jeff Immelt has started the program Ecomagination for the development of sustainable technologies and products, and the work of GE has inspired me in the writing of Global Energy Transformation.

Q: What is the greatest obstacle you see in having this transformation take place?
A: The greatest obstacle to overcome is the currently low awareness of the role played by energy in the creation of global affluence and economic growth. This is true for most politicians, economists, business leaders, engineers and the general public. We need to understand that energy is as important as money to our economic system, but the difference is that within our economic system we can create money at will, and we do it all the time, even if we sometimes experience back-lashes in the form of financial crises. In the case of energy we need to use the resources that are available, and if we have arrived at Peak Oil, we need to develop other energy sources.