Mats R. Larsson.

Founder and President, Global Energy Transformation Institute

Founder, Global Energy Transformation Association

Mats R. Larsson has worked for almost 20 years as a consultant within business strategy development, technology management, and change management. In his first major book on the issue, Global Energy Transformation: Four Necessary Steps to Make Clean Energy the Next Success Story, Mats develops a number of high-level principles for the large-scale transformation of national and global energy systems. His most recent book, The Business of Global Energy Transformation: Saving Billions through Sustainable Models, he provides guidance for decision makers in business and politics regarding the business opportunities in various fields.

He is an enthusiastic presenter, an engaging leader within the area of sustainability and the originator of a new philosophy for business management and economic growth that is based on the application of market based change and change management in combination.

He has specialized in the analysis of emerging technologies and challenges, and also in the development of strategies and the principles of change management that are necessary for companies or society to apply in order to take advantage of arising opportunities or mitigate in the face of challenges.


Larsson received his education at Lund University in Sweden, studying International Business Administration.

This included courses in German and English, with an emphasis on business language. He also took additional courses of English, including the study of English and American literature.


Phone number: +46 733 552 411