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Below is a sample letter for you to copy, paste and personalize and then send to your political representatives. Let them know how you feel about this. Share it with people you know who share your concerns. And ours.

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Dear [Insert political representatives title and last name here]:

The global oil production is at its peak and all industrialized countries are dependent on oil for their transports, as one of the most important raw materials for industry, and many countries also use oil for heating or electricity production.
We need to start now to build the transport and fuel systems of the future that have to be based on renewable fuels. It takes decades for new technologies to go from a low level of use to a strong penetration of major markets. The new transport systems that we build need to rapidly become efficient from the perspectives of cost, capital, and energy, and they also need to become attractive to large segments of users. This is a tall order for technologies that have to compete with systems based on petrol and diesel that have been developed and refined for more than one hundred years. Governments need to think strategically and create financially sound systems structures where the role of each fuel and technology has been considered. It is unlikely, based on the scale and complexity of the systems we need to build, that the market will rapidly develop efficient large-scale systems.
I therefore ask you to raise the issue of the large-scale transformation of our energy systems in the Senate/House of Representatives/Parliament and move to develop a nation-wide program with this aim. The program needs to include a number of different aspects, such as analysis and strategy development, and management of the transformation process towards ambitious goals.
Yours Sincerely

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